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 What other MMOs have you played?

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PostSubject: What other MMOs have you played?    Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:53 pm

This topic will be about what other multiplayer online games we have played and sharing our information on and opinions of them.

I'll start by putting a list of MMOs I've played or tried with something short about each one. Feel free to comment, add your own lists, share links or videos, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: What other MMOs have you played?    Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:59 pm

The games I tried so far (random order and not a complete list)

RAN Online

When tried: 5+ years ago

Sys req: very low-low

Difficulty: low-medium

Story/setting: rival Japanese school campuses competing for control of a post-apocalyptic world

Gameplay: similar to Diablo 1 & 2, very grind-ish, slow progression

Fallen Earth

When tried: 3+ years ago? forgot (beta test)

Sys req: high

Difficulty: medium

Story/setting: survival in post apocalyptic Hoover dam/Las Vegas region of USA

Gameplay: Hybrid FPS interface, non-linear quests, sandbox game with high focus on crafting

Age of Conan

When: less than a year ago

Sys Req: medium-high

Difficulty: low-medium

Story/setting: takes place in Hyboria after Conan became a king.

Gameplay: has a unique combat interface that is similar to traditional (hard to explain). Adult themed bloody and violent.

Lord of the Rings Online

When: years ago in beta and again recently when free play started

Sys req: medium-high

Difficulty: low-medium

Story/setting: the main quest storyline is a parallel side story to the books and films

Gameplay: traditional MMO with decent crafting (I did woodworking and could make some of the best bows in the game). Very quest/story driven. Need to pay for most of the content still.

The Secret World

When tried:  did the original closed beta

Sys req:  high-very high

Difficulty: high

Story/setting: rival secret societies fight H.P. Lovecraft inspired monsters so the rest of the world never learns they exist while they compete to gain power from the occult/supernatural.

Gameplay: No classes or levels. Killing monsters and completing quests gives points that can be put into skills on a skill wheel (skill tree shaped like a wheel). While it is possible to eventually max out all skills, only 6 passive and 6 combat skills, and 2 weapon types can be used at any given time (can be changed outside of combat). You can mix and match skills and still be effective at endgame content relatively early in game if you do it right. Downside is high system requirements and you have to buy the game (free to play after that like GW2)

Anarchy Online

When tried: played as main game 9-10 years ago for over 3 years and revisited like 1-2 years back to see what the free to play was like.

Sys req: very low – low

Difficulty: high

Story/setting – takes place on the futuristic notum mining planet of Rubi-ka. Players can choose sides in the conflict between omni-tek corporation and the rebel clans or freelance as neutrals.

Gameplay: very old game with a dated traditional MMO interface. Nanotechnology takes the place of magic, there are classes but there is a lot of freedom on how to build each class. Unfortunately, the free play restricted some basic features (like trade list, any expansion pack content beyond notum wars, etc) making them unavailable to free players.

Age of Wushu (Wulin)

When tried: a week ago

Sys req: medium

Difficulty: medium (high if you can’t understand it)

Story/setting: takes place in ancient china. You choose your backstory at character creation and that determines the story for the main quests for the rest of the game.

Gameplay: uses traditional MMO combat, very confusing skill progression system, no ranged combat classes or mages (all melee). difficult to understand localization (translation). Open pvp with honor/bounty system. Decent crafting. Your character stays in the game as a NPC when you’re offline.


When I tried: last year I think.. I still have an account and still play sometimes

Sys req: low-medium-ish

Difficulty: medium-high

Story/setting: takes place in the fantasy world of Erinn. The story follows a series of generation quests (similar to acts in megaten) but is mostly a sandbox where you do what you want.

Gameplay: No classes and characters can be rebirthed every couple weeks (much like demon rebirthing it makes them stronger over time). No level limits or limits to the skills you can learn. Eventually you can learn and max out everything. The interface and fighting can be annoying in the beginning but you get used to it. Lots of content with constant updates and in game events to ensure there is never a shortage of things to do. The crafting is good there also and you can level off it so you don’t even need to fight to get ahead.

Everquest II

When tried: a few days ago, 6+ years ago before that

Sys req: medium

Difficulty: medium-high

Story/setting: a typical traditional fantasy genre MMORPG with swords, dragons, orcs and lots of questing.

Gameplay:  Unlike WoW, EQII is not dumbed down. Although it is the same kind of game, It is far more detailed and involved (you can’t learn monsters’ languages in WoW). Lots of races, classes and subclasses to pick from.

Star Wars: Old Republic

When tried: open beta and revisited a year ago when it went free to play. Still have an account (inactive currently)

Sys req: high

Difficulty: low-medium

Story/setting: takes place 3000 years before the Starwars movies on many of the same planets seen in the Starwars series. Your main story is determined by the class you choose. Very well written and all cutscenes are fully animated and voice acted.

Gameplay:  uses a traditional MMO interface and combat system. The main classes are divided into two subclasses and there are three talent trees within each subclass to allow some level of customization so every bounty hunter (for example), although having the same base skills, has potential to be different. You will have your own small starship (needed to get between the different planets and acts like your house). Your companions are what makes the game different from most. Each class story has a set of companions they meet during their story progression. You keep them on your ship as your crew. They can do crafting and gathering for you and one can help you fight (with controls similar to a megaten demon except the tabbing to see from their view thing). Companions can wear gear and learn skills too. They even have their own quests as your relationship with them progresses… sorry for spending too long on the companions. I loved having them.

Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes)

when; over a year ago

sys req; medium

difficulty: low-medium-ish

setting/story:  a side story (or sequel?) to Mabinogi that follows a group of heroes

Gameplay: character classes are one of the 5 (6 now?) heroes. No looks customization other than maybe hair color and clothes dyes. Almost all instanced party and solo dungeons. No open areas. Armor looks torn up when durability gets low. I don’t know much else. Didn’t play for very long.

Perfect World

When: 2-3 years ago

Sys req: medium

Difficulty: low-medium

Setting/story: as far as I can tell from reading it is set in a world called ’perfect’ (looks like ancient china) and your character is trying to defend it? I never did look for an official story for it lol

Gameplay: pretty character customization and aside from beastmen it goes into a lot of detail. Has the usual classes and level based gear. Very grind oriented with some quests to “kill 10 monsters” but mostly killing higher difficulties of the same kinds of random monsters over and over. I lost interest fast.


When tried: a couple weeks ago.

Sys req: medium (medium high?)

Difficulty: low

Setting/story: you are an “ascended” warrior that is supposed to fight monsters and eventually kill some dragon god that wanted to take over the world of Telara

Gameplay: this game plays very much the same as World of Warcraft does. It almost seems copied. There are only 4 classes with I think just 2 subclasses each for a total of 8 class choices. The game was very easy starting out but I was told the endgame was better although most reviews I read tell me it is almost the same as WoW’s endgame with neverending repeats of the same raids and heroics over and over.

that's all for now. maybe i'll add the rest later on lol
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PostSubject: Re: What other MMOs have you played?    Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:17 am

Let's see...I'm much too lazy to go into great detail at the moment (I'm actually in class), but I've played Runescape, SD Capsule Gundam, LoL and...that's about it I guess o:

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PostSubject: Re: What other MMOs have you played?    Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:01 pm

Runescape..I played in 2004-2008
Maplestory..I played for a week in 2007 during Feb vacation.
Then ofc Megaten 2009-2014
I played LOTRO a little bit
Jade Dynasty
Vindictis I played during closed beta and part of open beta
Anything w/out a year/month/day..I didnt play awefully long sides Vindictus
Eden Eternal I played a tincy bit when it came out, and during the transfer from Aeria to Atlus
Neverwinter I've been playing on and off for the last half year
Tera I played Feb 2013-Dec 2013 and on and off in 2014
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PostSubject: Re: What other MMOs have you played?    Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:14 am

Oh, I didn't add some to my list. This time I won't go into such detail lol.

Kitsu Saga
It was fun while it lasted but Aeria didn't keep it around for very long. The Kitsus were so cute!

The Matrix Online
This was my long time favorite for four years (from beta till it was cancelled in March 2009). It had a small, closeknit community very much like in Megaten and I miss it almost as much.

Eden Eternal
I tried it for a short time but couldn't really get into it for some reason.  Idk why either.

Another game like Eden Eternal I tried briefly and never really went back to. It got cancelled by Atlus sometime before the change to Marvelous.

Ragnarok Online 2
As some of you know I tried to play it but after an update my computer won't run the game now. Forums say it is most likely a hackshield issue which is weird since Mabinogi also uses HS and I run it without problems and RO2 ran for a couple weeks before the issue I have now.

Final Fantasy XI Online
for a few months I played this on my old PS2 (got the harddrive/networking upgrade just for this game). It was good but i didn't care much for the community or all the botting/cheating going on. When my PS2 died I tried to play it on PC but the graphics of the PC version looked awful and the controls were awkward without the PS2 controller (not to mention more bugs and glitches in the PC version too). So when my paid time expired i just stopped playing.

World of Warcraft
Back during the burning crusade days, a few irl friends wanted help with their guild (peer pressure) so they paid for an account for me. With their help, in just 2 or 3 weeks I was the max level and working on maxing out my raid gear. in a month or so our guild quickly became quite big and we did raids on a strict schedule. I missed too many raids and got kicked out of the guild and they stopped paying for my account so I quit and never looked back. (those of you who did Diasporas with me in Megaten know how I am with scheduled raids lol) It isn't a game I would have played on my own to be honest.

last but not least... Megaten!! (obviously)
This one needs no explanation. Played from the end of March 2009 (right after The Matrix shut down) till it closed last month. I never thought I would find another game with a great community like I had in the Matrix... I found Megaten by pure chance and I didn't know it at first but it turned out to be the best MMO experience I ever had.

I know I played more games than this but some I didn't play for long and can't remember the names of (like the old Asian Diablo clone MMOs. I tried so many of them in the old days but most were too grind-ish for my tastes).

That Gundam game sounded interesting Mims. Especially since Gundam Wing was the anime that got me into watching animes and I wanted a Gundam themed mmorpg ever since. I'd also like to know what Neverwinter is like too. As you can tell from my very long list of games, I love MMOs (especially MMORPGs) and am always open to trying something new!
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PostSubject: Re: What other MMOs have you played?    

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What other MMOs have you played?
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