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 Class data

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PostSubject: Class data   Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:19 pm

sync is what classes the class gets combo skills with in the envoy. not what classes they are best with.
i am doing this so u can try to gadge what class u want for main and what each class can bring to the table as subs or mains.

I may update this later, if i get more data.


sword slash >>>  slash a single target.
shield bash >>> stun a single target
windfury >>>rush forward damaging in a line
mirrored shield >>> reflect damage
thunder cut >>> deals lighting damage in cone infront of, draws agro
phalanx >>> raises def and lowers damage taken
terrifying roar >>> aoe agro draw
defensive postar >> raises allies def.

20% hp
damage from bosses - 15%
skills +3

dual blade


Raging slash >>>  solo attack
horizantal slash >>>  frontal aoe swing
Soaring slash >>> damage to target and aoe around
mirrored axe >>> damage single
flame slash >>> dot single line attack
round and round >>>  aoe damage, hp healish
aftershock >>>  aoe stun
strength of the earth >>>  hp +

15% hp
25% crit
skill +3

duel blade

duel blade

slash cut >>> single target, lower def
cross slash >>>  single target dot
snowflower >>>  single target ice damage
purple lightning >>>  move speed/crit up, effects to deadly wink and whirling dance
whirling dance >>> single damage, slow effect if under purple
Deadly wink >>>  multi hit attack,   with purple dot
dancing balisong >>>  single target damage? heal
shadow brand >>> evade +

crit 15
evade 15
skills +3



aimed shot >>> single target, lowers movement speed
bombardment >>> aoe spot damage
sonic bomb >>> single line damage
frost trap >>> aoe damage/imoblize/dot
dark flare trap >>> aoe dps, slow healing
decoy >>>  confuse target
ultraviolent catastrophy >>>  cone aoe,  
mental focus >> speed +

evade +5%
move speed +10%  
skill +3

duel blade


cannon salvo >>> single hit, stun
fiery grenade >>> single hit, aoe splash, fire dot.
plasma cannon >>> line damage, electric
machine gun turret >> summon a machine gun turret
icy grenade >>> ice damage, immoblize,
meteor cannon >>> holy damage, aoe target.
healing crystal >>> summon a crystal to heal near by allies.
suppressing fire >>> crit

max hp +20%
accuracy +10%
skill +3

duel pistols
twin blades


storm song >>> storm damage single target
blissful harmony >>> dot single target
healing harmony >>>  heals an allie,  if ur a bard, heals them and u.
ambient drone >>>  aoe electric stun
ballad >>>  hot
healing tones >>> healing,  regen increase?
holy notes >>>  healing, remove negitive effect? maybe.
rhaspody >>> 10% speed buff

max hp +20 %
healing +25%
harp skills +3
ballad aoe.



fireball >>> fire based damage single target
icy curse >>> ice damage,  slow effect single target
ice storm >>> aoe target imoblize
rejuvinating prayer >>> single target heal, with dot and remove negitive status effect.
storm curse >>>  line storm damage
meteor shot >>> fire damage, aoe shot.
instant thunder >>> teleport, electric, aoe.
energy conflux >>> crit damage +20%

crit damage +15%
accuracy +10%
skill +3



soul draw >>> damage, heals u for 10% of damage dealt.
demon seal >>> damage, dps, lowers evade, increases damage during
shadow bolt >>> dark damage,  imoblizes
blood seal >>> deals damage/dot, any damage done to them also heals u during. lowers crit
rejuvination mantra >>>  removes negitive effect, aoe, hot,
flame inpact >>> damage in line fire.
nightmare totem >>> dot, summon totem, damage, sleep.
powerful strike mantra >>> increase damage %

max hp +12 %
crit damage +10%
grimare skills +3



swift strike >>> damage, +1 earth charge, lowers def
blitz >>>  damage, stun, +1 sky charge
inner strength >>> self healing,  buff  earth + crit, sky + evade.
electrocution >>> electric damage,  aoe, earth charge +1
lotus strike >>> single targer, buff earth + damage, sky, heal over time.
spark and flames >>> aoe damage +1 earth
shadow strike >>> damage, dot, self heal
miridian activation >>>  damage +, crit +

hp +15%
crit +15%
katar skills +3

duel pistols


triple shot >>> damage,  chargeable, partial, 50%, fully, 120% 2 hit.
frost arrow >>> slow, damage, chargable, partial 50%, fully 120% freeze
dimensional shot >>> single line aoe???  dot, chargable, partial 50%, fully 120% 30% crit chance buff on shot.
blessing of the winds >>> buff,  damage up, 30% chance to hit twice, less damage recieved, movement speed up
corrosive shot >>> damage, lowers def, chargable, partial 50%, fully 120% lowers healing they recieve by 40%.
arrow of light >>> aoe, holy damage, chargable, 50% partial, 120% fully reduces damage enemy does by 15%
hail of arrows >>> aoe, chargable partial 50% fully 120% larger area.
burst of speed >>> speed +, accuracy +%

move speed + 10
full charge buffs crit and accuracy by 20%
bow skills +3


some maybe wrong or have errors. but here is a little data i collected on each class.
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PostSubject: Re: Class data   Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:05 pm

A+++ Very Happy

But yeah, it helps. Thanks, icey.

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PostSubject: Re: Class data   Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:34 pm


consumption of souls decreased by 50%.
increase original: katana flurry by 10%.
crit +25%.
damage to boss +15%.  
damage taken from boss -10%.
katana +3.

Soaring flash>>>  Damage, solo.
black swallow>>> damage, lightning, crit buff. solo.
Soulblade>>>>  buffs damage and evasion, lowers damage taken, costs soul's per second.
Soul storm>>> only activatable while soulblade is going.  deal massive damage to enemies in range. hold down for continual damage.  debuffs there defense. cant be stunned while activating.
Dark spear raid>>>  dark damage,   damage first then dot,
iaido>>>>> chargeable, damage buff as charge.  high damage attack. single line.
Dragon furry>>>> damage and hp drain. 10% damage dealt.
tale of the swords>>> evasion and criti buff for party.

Katar, scythe, staff. sync with.

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PostSubject: Re: Class data   Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:02 pm


demons get 5% damage and 30% of hp.
+15% hp.
get bonus effects from your demons.
scythe skill +3

Shadowbolt barrage>>> damage and debuff damage reduction of enemy. solo
shadowflame toss >>> straight line damage. (residue does damage to)
Demon Pact>>> summon demons to fight with you.  bonus if sythe is primary weapon depending on demon. 3 of 6 out at once only.
devil attack>>> command demons to attack a target.
Frozen Tomb>>> ice damage, solo, freezes.
Bone shield>>> shield for allies, absorbing xxx damage. or can be used to heal devils xxx.
purgatory bats>>> aoe, summons bats to attack enemies in range, hold for continual damage.
Devil incarnate>>> AOE, heavy dark damage attack that also buffs the damage of your devils.
unholy power>>> buff for party, attack damage and cast speed.

wizard and katana.
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PostSubject: Re: Class data   Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:29 am

Holy blade

Ground slasher: single hit. during divine explosion +250% damage and becomes aoe burst.
Drybones: forward slash, increases enemy valnerability to crits, divine exlplose, damage +150%, lowers enemy def.
Divine sunderance: single target, small range. divine explosion, damage +150%, stun
ice splitter: aoe, slow. divine explosion, damage +150%, and icey aura, slowing enemy attacks.
Smiters edge: singe line attack, power up attack power. divine explosion: +100% damage and bigger line of effect and dot.
Divine sermon: damage reduction, divine explosion, healing over time, if primary, healing and damage deduction increased.
Divine thunderstrike: adds chain attack to attacks, lowers enemy damage, divine explosion, +150% damage and chains to more enemies.
sword gaze: crit damage for you and party increased. requires holy crystal.

Hp +15%
divine explosion +20%
crit rate +8%
damage to bosses +15%
damage from bosses -10%
skills +3

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PostSubject: Re: Class data   

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Class data
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